Sinixt Nation

Sinixt Nation are the traditional, sovereign caretakers of this land, located in the interior of BC, Canada, extending North of Revelstoke as far south as Kettle Falls, WA, and surrounded by the Monashee and Purcell Mountains.

Fund-able through The Sinixt Nation Society as a non profit organization in Canada.
When road builders in the late 1980s dug up Sinixt burial remains in the Slocan Valley, they unearthed the ancestral legacy of the Sinixt as custodians of the land.  In exercising that custodianship, the Sinixt are asserting our aboriginal rights in a manner that very much emulates the values of the community in maintaining the ecological integrity of our regional watershed.  We depend on your support for the success of our efforts.

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  1. This specific posting, “Sinixt Nation | Perry Ridge” was in fact
    amazing. I’m creating out a copy to present my close friends.
    Thanks for the post-Eileen

  2. Its our land our ansesters up there Dustin is going to be our next chief and I’ll stand next ro him in tell we die I woant let them take it I love all our supporters and and hope one day we won’t have to fight any mor

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