Watershed Media Coverage

These press clippings are a sampling of the work of the Perry Ridge Water Users Association to foster, develop, and enhance public awareness of watershed issues in the Slocan River Valley. Displayed below are links to press clippings dating from 1996 till 2002.
These years represent the commitment of local residents who used the courts and civil disobedience. An of this level of commitment was demonstrated by Jack Ross a local elder.

1997 a Year of Protest
1998 Watershed Protest Continues
1999 Perry Ridge Water Users Get Valley Support
2000 Watershed Protection Necessary
2001 Perry Ridge Assessed as High Risk
A Sample of Events – PRWUA
BC Landslides
Kootenay Landslides
Landslides General File
Watershed Technical Report
Slocan Valley Wetland PowerPoint

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