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BC Rivers Day and World Rivers Day Celebration September 25th,
Appledale Hall, Slocan Valley, BC

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Community Development Program –
Columbia Basin Trust…

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And thanks to all our Community Volunteers that worked to make the day such a memorable one! Thank You!
PRWUA and The Sinixt Nation

…and now an educational video presentation celebrating the Columbia River, Slocan River and Little Slocan River drainages…

Rivers Mountains Fish & Wildlife
Beautiful British Columbia & Jet Fuel.

Otto Langer, a former federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans biologist, who worked in government for 32 years in habitat protection, as a water quality biologist and manager specializing in salmon habitat protection programs.

He organized the Association of Professional Biologists of BC and was president of the group and has been an expert witness in over 100 pollution and habitat destruction court cases in Canada from the Arctic  to Newfoundland to Vancouver Island.

After leaving government in 2002 he joined the David Suzuki Foundation and formed their Marine Conservation Program. He is retired but still volunteers for many conservation causes including jet fuel issues for VAPOR and Fraser River Gravel Stewardship Committee in Chilliwack.

Ethical Water…Hydrologist, Dr. Robert Sandford

Here are excerpts from hydrologist Dr. Robert Sandford’s Ethical Water Presentation. These excerpts are extracted from a 1 hour and 15 minute presentation given by Dr. Sandford Nov. 5th, 2011, Passmore Hall, Slocan Valley British Columbia. Care has been given to bring to you, in the next 15 minute video, the majority of  Dr. Sandford’s key points, accompanied by his power point slides. Thanks to Perry Ridge Water Users, the Sinixt Nation , and all the community members that worked to make the presentation a success. Also we would like to acknowledge The Columbia Basin Trust for their generous support.

Perry Ridge…Damage Done

Marilyn Burgoon speaks to the audience at the Passmore hall, in the Slocan Valley BC, shortly after Dr. Robert Sanford’s delivery of his presentation “Ethical Water”. Marilyn presents the Slide Show “Damage Done” a collection of aerial photos (Lucas Jmieff Photos) documenting the logging of 4 cut blocks at the North end of Perry Ridge. Marilyn Burgoon along with the local residents (Perry Ridge Water Users Association) of the Slocan Valley have been staving off logging in the Slocan for decades. This was the first showing of the pictures publicly, so for these hard working and caring people, the photos came as a saddening blow. All thanks to BC Timber Sales and the Federal Government.

Dr. Don McPhail, pre-eminent fish biologist presenting

Dr. Don McPhail, pre-eminent fish biologist, Author and Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia, presenting “The History of the fishes of the Columbia and Slocan Rivers” Rivers Day Event 2011, Slocan Valley, BC

Interview with Dr. McPhail

“World Rivers Day Speech 2011” Dr. Robert Sandford

Bob Sandford is the author or editor of some 20 books on the history and heritage of the Canadian West. He began his work with UN-linked initiatives as chair of the United Nations International Year of Mountains in 2002. He also chaired the United Nations International Year of Fresh Water and Wonder of Water Initiative in Canada in 2003/04.

These celebrations focused on the growing importance of water to ecological and cultural heritage in Canada.

Bob is presently chair of the United Nations International Decade Water for Life Partnership in Canada, an initiative that aims to advance long-term water quality and availability issues in response to climate change in this country and abroad. He is also director of the Western Watersheds Climate Research Collaborative, a research and public-policy arm of the University of Lethbridge that promotes understanding of climate impacts on river systems originating in

the Rocky Mountains. Bob was the first Canadian to be invited to sit on the advisory committee for the Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy, a biennial global public-policy forum that examines solutions to our planet’s crisis. Bob lives in Canmore, Alberta.

Part 1…”World Rivers Day Speech” Dr. Robert Sandford

“World Rivers Day Speech” Part 2…Dr. Robert Sanford

“World Rivers Day Speech” Part 3…Dr. Robert Sandford

“A Journey Upstream” A Documentary about the plight of the Sinixt in the Slocan Valley. Slhu7kin

Documentary “A Journey Upstream”  a film documenting the plight of the Sinixt in the Slocan Valley.  Dr. Nathan Goodale Archaeology Professor, Hamilton College & Principal Investigator/author of 2009 Slocan Narrows Report.
Here Marilyn James spokesperson for The Sinixt Nation, and Linquist Leora Perral of
The University of Montana,  introduce a public showing at the Worlds Rivers Day Celebration at the Appledale Hall in the Slocan Valley, BC.
This was a complimentary showing of the film for BC Rivers Day.  It will be released publicly soon. It is presently entered in a documentary film festival – for future information on viewing.

Harry Wong of the Sinixt Nation Launches Sturgeon Nose Canoe, BC Rivers Day Celebration 2011, Slocan Valley BC

The grande finale of BC Rivers Day was a chance to ride in a sturgeon nosed canoe on the Slocan River. Harry Wong, grand son of Alexander Christian, who was the last Sinixt man to live at the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers (now Brilliant), had the canoe commissioned by Paul Montgomery of Seattle. Wong who lives in Seattle, takes the canoe all over as a kind of “good will tool” to help with the recognition of the Sinixt as a band in Canada.

“Our Home and Theirs” A slide show presentation…

A compilation of aerial photography of Perry Ridge and the Slocan Valley and photos of local wildlife and plant life.

Perry Ridge Eco Reserve : Part 1 & 2

Informative Video on a Inland Temperate Rain Forest in Slocan Valley, South Western BC. The Pristine Perry Ridge neighboring the Valhalla Provincial Park is home to many species of trees, and some very rare and endangered plant and animal groups. The Perry Ridge is not only special for it’s trees and wildlife, but happens to be a giant aqua- for from where water surges up through under ground tributaries and runs down to supply the surrounding creeks and water ways that feed the beautiful Slocan River on it’s East and the Little Slocan Lake to it’s West. Perry Ridge Water Users Association, a non-profit Society, has fought to protect Perry Ridge for the past 30 years. The Associations objective…to stave of the logging industry, whom are desirous to log this natural wonder. It is the society’s hope that Valhalla Provincial Park be extended to include Perry Ridge as a Ecological Reserve.


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